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Free Quest Prompt Signs For Your Town Noticeboard – Props And Immersion Aids

Free Town Notice Board signs for quest prompts

Ever had your party or group go to a town noticeboard for side quests? Ever then had to come up with side missions to keep the party entertained?
Add to the immersion by handing out these notices to show the party what they would see, or if you want to go all out, pin them on an actual board for the party to read through!

Here are six pages of notices where each page of A4 contains two signs in an A5 landscape size. You can print them out on whatever paper you want (I used Kraft paper in the main image) and then make the edges tatty to give it a worn look. 

There’s everything from quick short quests that can provide a bit of light relief to quests that provide an intro to danger and ones that take time to complete. with twelve of them in total you can omit any you need to while still having a good range for the party to pick from.

Click on the images to get a better view and then save the ones you like to download them for you to use however you want!

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