Character Sheet and Notes Set- Pink Printable


A4 sized 5e character sheet and two styles of note pages containing hand built elements in pastel pink – see description below

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The character sheet follows the familiar layout but with added flair to bring some colour to your DnD table. Containing large spaces to write down your prized possessions and skills and blank boxes to mark down any extra benefits you may have, like ‘Lay on Hands’ charges or ‘Sorcery Points’
The notes pages come in two styles that are untitled so you can dedicate areas of the page to information you need. For example you could have a section on a town/village with a section on information of whats there or NPC’s  you have met.

Sheets are provided as PDF files, meaning that if you use a tablet at your table, you can write on it with your stylus and erase any mistakes without worrying that you’re going to delete part of the page.

Download contains:
A4 character sheet
A4 Note Page – 2 sections
A4 Note Page – 3 sections