Choose your Weapon – DnD 5e Campaign Notebook


Upgrade your character sheet and bundle of papers into a campaign notebook to keep track of your crazy adventures!

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DnD 5e based campaign notebook featuring everything found on the character sheets but in a clear and roomy format.

23 pages to hold all your spell and combat information, equipment, feats, magical items etc… including sections not found in the sheets, like interesting characters, quests and notable locations.
Then there are 57 pages for you to make reminder notes about you game sessions or any other bits of information you want to jot down.

Ring bound with flexible card covers, allowing you to fold it back on itself if space at the table is tight and making it easy to write on both pages.
Cover incorporates a document pouch on the reverse to hold any maps/quests/notes that you pick up.
Finished with a transparent sheet to protect the front and also provide you with a mini whiteboard if needed.

80 pages/40 sheets

Pens and sticker sheets are not included and for display purposes only, sorry!
Stickers are however, availableΒ here.