DIY Character Sheet – DnD Sticker Pack


Decorate your campaign notebook (or any notebook!) with a themed DnD sticker pack!

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  • DnD sticker pack
  • Four sheets with stickers to create your own character sheet
  • Matte paper sticker sheets
  • Twenty-six kiss cut stickers
  • Sticker sheet measures: 11.2 cms by 16 cms approx.

These four sheets of kiss-cut stickers feature key components to create your own character sheet in your own notebook. With a matte finish to allow them to be written on and small enough to tuck into an A5 notebook these are perfect for using in campaign journals and daily planners!

Caution: These sticker sheets are designed for indoor use on paper based products only. Contact with water will cause ink to run and may cause staining. While these stickers do not use a permanent adhesive, using them on delicate items may cause damage upon removal, please be sure about what you’re sticking them on!